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Company logos and product labels are only just the beginning. I can make any design desire into reality. From that rough pencil sketch you have to a full fledged vector logo.


Even simplistic sites these days have complex back end systems to help manage all their content. I can guide you through the process to build your own for your specific needs.


I start with a detailed Photoshop (PSD) preview, then hone it to your personal flare. From this PSD I flush out a fully responsive HTML5 and CSS3 website with all the bells and whistles.


I treat all my designs like a work of art and no work of art can stay perfect forever without some tender loving care. I can offer you great home-styled support, the way Mumma used to make.

Hello, I am Adan Rehtla...

I'm a web developer living in Brisbane, Australia. I have worked with companies like Salmat and Yahoo! and currently working as a freelance designer for my own company NADAsoft Inc.
Design is not just a job for me, it's a passion.

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The works I am proud of

DJRavine's Codebook


This is my personal web blog. I try to post as often as I can, but its very hard to find time as of late.

With a WordPress back end and a completely custom designed theme, NADAsoft.net is one of my favourite sites. This was designed before the announcement of HTML5 and the era of responsive design, it is a fixed width design with a dark colour scheme. We have plans to rebuild this theme into a fully responsive masterpeice, but time is limited, doh!.

This is my greatest work with WordPress. Having an upgradable WordPress system utilising a number of plugins to make the site appear simple yet complicated.

BPM Labs


A fresh new online store to showcase BPM Labs products.

This is an idealistic custom built template with a WordPress backend (to make editing the content as easy as possible for admins) and a minimal selection of plugins for functionality. This online store is completely updatable without breaking the websites core functionality.

Our project was so successful that we have had requests to reuse this WordPress template and plugin package to build more online stores.

Wings of the Fallen


A simple forum theme for our World of Warcraft guild

Over the years we have redesigned this site many times with each new WoW expansion. A custom front page loads data from the forum news threads and makes a great landing page.

All our guild members love this site and it has been used and loved for many years.

Litho Art


A clean new redesign for a robust printing company.

While working at LithoArt, one of my tasks was to rebuild their entire suite of websites. Every page was supplied in a PDF proof and image slicing was used to build the website with a CodeIgniter backend. A strong focus on SEO and targeted google searching was the key for the success of this project. Dynamic advertising widgets were utilised to allow the company to easily update the current advertising campaigns.

I am very proud of the loading speed of this website. Countless hours were spent fine tuning everything for a super fast load, including SVG vector drawing for a responsive footer lines image.

Print Centre


A new online shopfront for LithoArt to brighten their online persona.

One of the suite of LithoArt websites which I was tasked to redesign. Built with the CodeIgniter MVC framework, the site exceeded expectations being SEO friendly with a very user friendly interface welcoming new users.

Another one of my personal favourite websites, I spent a great deal of time making the site load super fast.



This is LithoArt's online PDF catalog service. Clients have the option for their advertising catalogs to be published online in high quality. This is a great idea for email advertising promotions.

While working for LithoArt, I had the opporunity to fine tune and improve their existing online PDF catalog system. With the implementation of a loading overlay and a new url var function to allow specific pages to be loaded initialy, the website became more user friendly and practical.

Undergoing this project was a great success. The page loads super fast and looks super clean and crisp. My understanding of PDF object integration into websites was greatly improoved.

Accurate Hub


Designed in Adobe Photoshop and then converted into a HTML template, Accurate Hub was built for a web server hosting company.

With a pre-conceived expectation of what these types of hosting websites should look like, we built a clean crisp website template to the specifications of our client. Including product sliders and eye-catching widgets.

A simple black and white colour scheme was used for the classic feel, accented with the aqua blue gradients made the design pop.


business card

A business card I designed for one of my past employers.

The logo below was also a new design I created.

Kloala Group

business card

A business card I designed for one of my business contacts.

De Flawless

business card

A business card I designed for one of my business clients.

A stunningly simple design.

RMA Warranty System

private client

A RMA Warranty System is used by manufacturing companies to keep track of product returns under Warranty. I was tasked to develop an entire RMA Warranty System from scratch in CodeIgniter customised to our clients exact specific needs.

It was a mammoth project without any real constraints other than the business rules around the warranty return process. From prototype to a final product the application had many iterations before the polished website was complete.

Building an entire system from scratch was a huge task, but it was well worth the time and effort as the client was very impressed with the fast development time and the overall usability of the website.

Telstra/Salmat - Country Wide Advertising

website prototype

While working for Salmat a new type of website prototype was being investigated to allow Telstra managers to order and deliver advertising to houses/units across Australia. I was given the honor of building the initial prototype to prove that this type of application was possible.

Using the Australian Census data, selected postcodes and suburbs would display the number of houses/units in the selected region. This data was use to build a preliminary quote to allow fast-tracking of the advertising process.

This was my first major prototype build for large scale major companies. It gave me insight into the needs and requirements for building complex applications at a high scale production level.

World of Warcraft Private Server Organisation


This was my first major website project, a huge gaming help forum.

I still keep this forum online for historical purposes, even though it isnt actively being used.

virtue realmlister

server-client application

Before the days of the Curse.com Client, there was no easy way to handle WoW addons and Private Server Realmlists. Through this need Virtue was born.

Virtue was an all-in-one WoW launcher with the capability to handle multiple WoW Client installations and store a list of servers to 'connect and play' with only 1 click. All settings were stored on the cloud and could be downloaded anywhere. The Virtue client featured a robust themeing system allowing users to customise how the client appeared. Themes were built into an online shop catalog to allow automatic downloading to the Virtue client.

Unfortunately this project is no longer running, but the adventure in building such a system was invaluable to me.

Frozen Blade Template

website template

A html template made to for World of Warcraft Frozen Throne.

A pre-built template made for other web site builders to easily deploy a simple online game server website.

This was an amazing hit with all the private server owners and it was downloaded 10,000+ times.

Oh Faux Real!

website template

This html template was built for my mother-in-law to match her homewares shop.

A nice clean design with a real personal flavour. Once we showed the shop owner our design she was absolutely delighted.

Sharon Ellison

wordpress template

This WordPress template was built for my girlfriend.

A nice clean design with a real subtle yet bold style.



One of my first public websites with a very abstract design.

A nice clean design without any clutter.

Keep in Touch with me

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like a more information on hiring my services.

Adan Rehtla (AKA DJRavine)
Brisbane, Australia